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MLJ Adoptions
8910 Purdue Road, One College Park Ste. 480
Indianapolis, IN 46268

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, MLJ Adoptions is happy to serve families across the United States who are interested in either domestic adoption or international adoption. We have successful programs in Ukraine, Vietnam, Guatemala, and a growing list of other countries. In addition to families interested in adopting a child, we serve expectant mothers considering adoption. We are also experienced in readoptions and adoption disruptions.

MLJ Adoptions is an inter-disciplinary group of professionals passionate about building families through adoption. Our team includes attorneys, a mental health counselor, a financial advisor, and adoptive parents. We believe it is important to not only address the social and educational side of adoption but to also have an understanding of the legal side of adoption. This is espcially important in international adoption because it involves four areas of law. It is our responsibility to make your adoption experience as easy as possible for you. The process can vary greatly depending upon the program or country you choose. We will discuss with you your expectations, risks, and needs to assist you in determining which program is the best fit for you.

We have personally spent time with the orphans and in orphanages in the foreign countries with which we have programs. We have spent time, laughed, and cried with the expectant mothers considering adoption for their children. We know the joy and happiness that adoption brings to an orphan; we know the joy and happiness that adoption brings to the adoptive family. We also know the peace adoption brings to a mother that has chosen another family to parent her child. We believe the adoption process is amazing and it is a blessing to all involved. It is our privilege to join you in your adoption journey.

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